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Are you looking for a point of interest near your current location but not sure where to start looking? SweetPoints is the perfect app for you! This mobile app feeds from the community based OpenStreetMap to provide an extensive list of point of interests (POIs) based on your current location. Not only can you find POIs with this app but you can also contribute by adding or editing POIs and email them to friends and family.

SweetPoints Features:
· Provides an extensive list of POIs based on your current location.
· Displays the distance between your current location and POI.
· Integration with community based Open Street Maps, which allows you to contribute by making modifications to existing POIs or add new ones to the list.
· Integration with email and the iOS Maps application. You can email a POI to friends and get directions on how to get there.
· Other apps that use OSM (eg. navigation system) benefit from the data entered using SweetPoints.